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Fragrance solubilizing agent

AOE-3580 is an effective fragrance solubilizing agent. It can be widely used in various types of natural flavors (such as D-Limonene, peppermint oil, garlic essence, citronella oil, etc.) A Homogenous liquid with 10% of oily fragrance and can be formulated by using AOE-3580 as solubilizing agent. The dosage is lower than using non-ionic emulsifier alone, and the formulated product can resist high temperature.

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Hydrophilic finishing agent(wicking) for synthetic fibers - PET-4G

The advantages of wicking agent PET-4G ;

  1. When applied in dye bath, it shows good compatibility & has no effect on the hue & color fastness.
  2. It acts as moisture adsorption & quick drying agent, or wicking agent for synthetic fiber.

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Low foam surfactant

The advantages of low foam surfactant LF series:

  1. Low foaming, excellent penetrating and wettability, can enhance detergency
  2. Narrow gel range, easily diluted with water.
  3. Compatible with anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactants. Yielding synergy effect and reduce the dosage of surfactant.
  4. Stable in acidic and alkaline solution.

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